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3375 Edison Way,  Menlo Park, CA 94025
Litigation Support

When a prominent organization is sued, investigated by federal or state agency, considered for indictment -
or worse yet, charged with a crime - both the media and the public take notice.

The Harrell Group works closely with our clients' legal counsel to protect the client's reputation and ability to
continue its business while the legal matters take their course.  We believe it is extremely important to keep the client's stakeholders informed and ensure that the client's messages are clearly heard.

Working with law firms and general counsels during civil and criminal proceedings, we have developed strategic media relations and reputation management communications programs during:

  • SEC investigations
  • FBI inquiries
  • Grand jury proceedings
  • Regulatory enforcement investigations
  • Criminal and civil trials
  • Extended and complex litigation
  • Employee Allegations
  • NGO Campaigns
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