Sweet Spots & Solutions
  • Environmental Communications:
We successfully handle complex NEPA,                RCRA, hazardous waste, Superfund and
environmental management situations.
  • Crisis Communications:
We successfully restore calm and
credibility in numerous tense media and
community situations.
  • Public Affairs:
We find ways to help clients achieve their
legislative and regulatory goals from the
local level on up to the national level.
  • Litigation Support:
We work with law firms and corporate
general counsel to enhance or protect
their client's business -- even in highly
contentious situations.
  • Marketing Communciations:
We succeed with dozens of branding,
positioning, promotional, product launch
and brand extension opportunities
  • Corporate Positioning:
We help companies with image, community
relations, executive positioning and
reputation management programs.
  • Media Relations:
We fundamentally understand the rapidly
changing media environment and use that
knowledge to work effectively with both
new and traditional media at all levels

Down the street responsiveness.  International Reach.

Combining more than 100 years of experience at well-known corporations, agencies and media outlets, we've been down lots of roads before.  Our clients benefit from the learning curves we've already achieved.  Using this expertise, we develop and implement strategic programs and campaigns.

  • Moving controversial projects forward in a NIMBY nation.
  • Helping new brands compete.
  • Boosting traffic, even in slow times.
  • Managing reputations, even in tough times
  • Crisis avoidance, planning and response

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