Our Services Include . . . 
All of us in public relations and public affairs work from the same toolbox.  However, the trick is knowing which tools to use for which services, and when and how to use them.  That's where a senior consultancy like The Harrell Group adds value to the following services:

Down the street responsiveness.  International Reach.

We start with our client goals, learning through the eyes and ears of their audiences, whether
business, consumer or government.  As
circumstances change, we add measured course

We listen - to our clients and the decision-makers
(consumers, corporate executives, media,
government officials) who, in the end, determine
whether client goals are achieved.

We research - to determine how our clients'
programs fit into the competitive landscape or
regulatory environment.

We plan - and adjust accordingly to identify pathways to success and choose tactics from the communications toolbox.

And we implement, implement, implement! -
building in feedback and evaluation loops to ensure
that our clients' programs are reaching the right
people with the right messages at the right time.

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Cyber Theft Solutions
Data breach - the new crisis challenge.  Our cyber partnership provides a total cyber theft solution:  prevention, investigation,mitigation, communication
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